RE-MEMBER: Working with the Lakota people

RE-MEMBERRE-MEMBER is a covenantal partner with the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ and appears nationally in the U.C.C. mission opportunities booklet. One third of the churches in the Michigan Conference have gone to Pine Ridge Reservation to spend a week working with the Lakota people and learning of their history, culture and spirituality. Many of these churches have made multiple trips since RE-MEMBER began in 1998; founded by U.C.C. pastors Keith and Ginny Titus and members of the churches they served. Since its inception RE-MEMBER has hosted 13,000 volunteers from every state in the U.S. and every inhabited continent.

Any churches or individuals who would like to learn more about RE-MEMBER are invited to visit their website; or they may contact Keith Titus at (989)785-5164 or (989)255-0621. He is available to come to churches to present the story of RE-MEMBER and help prepare groups for a first mission experience in South Dakota. Churches may also send out gifts of canned goods, pillow and sheet sets (for long twin mattresses), diapers (sizes 4 - 5 especially), or Menard, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or Visa/MasterCard gift cards.

If you as an individual would like to "piggy-back" with another group you are welcome to contact them to see if they have room within their group for you to join them.

2017 Group List coming soon!


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