The Prophetic Integrity Mission Area Team's mandate will focus on educating local churches and clergy with respect to matters calling for the public voice of the church. The Prophetic Integrity Mission Area Team will assume the social justice responsibilities formerly entrusted to the Commission for Church in Society and World Mission as well as those given to the Resolutions Committee.

Facilitator: Rev. Jay Cummings
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Facilitator: Rev. Bob Frederick
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Conference Staff person: Rev. Dr. Campbell Lovett


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Justice and Witness Ministries

JWM Staff

Justice and Witness Ministries Resources

Upcoming Meetings:  

Meetings take place at the Michigan Conference office unless otherwise specified.

Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 11 a.m.

Upcoming Training Events:


Upholding Voting Rights and Opposing Attempts at Voter Suppression and Discrimination in Michigan (2017)
The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival (2017)
Stewardship of Exhibit Space as a Resource for a Mission of Justice (2017)
Establish Voluntary Fund for Legal Support to Nonviolent Arrestees (2017)

"Calls to Action" based on previous resolutions adopted at Annual Meeting (2016)
(listed individually below)

Calling the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan to Divest from and Declare a Moratorium on Doing Business with Companies Profiting From or Complicit in the Ongoing Conflict Between the State of Israel and the Palestinian People (2015)

Fresh, Potable, Life-Sustaining Water For All (2014)

Proclaim Release to the Captives (2013)

Promoting Development of Drough Resistant Grains (2013)

Solidarity with the Disenfranchised Citizens of Detroit (2013)

25%  Renewable Energy by the Year 2025  (2012)

Improving Legal Justice in Michigan  (2011)

Authorizing the Sale of the Talahi Property  (2011)

Ministering to Youth, Young Adults, and Families in the Michigan Conference (2011)

Establishing an Endowment for Youth and Young Adult Ministry (2011)

Support the Provision of Mosquito Netting & study the impacts of global climate change (2010)

Ministering to Those Struggling and Suffering in the Troubled Economy (2009)

Single Payer Prevention and Sickness Insurance (2009)

To Endorse Adoption Equality in Michigan (2008)

Human Rights in the Philippines (2007)

To Endorse Health Care Access for All (2007)

Summary of Resolutions: Michigan Conference UCC
 1984 - 2011 pertaining to Prophetic Integrity

Pastoral Letters

- A Pastoral Letter on the Iraq War (2007)

- Faith, Engaging Science and Technology (January 2008)

- Faith and Environment: Living in Community with God's Creation (April 2008)

- Racism

- Now, No Condemnation (Webpage)

- Public Education (Webpage)

Worth Noting

The Internal Revenue Service has issued Revenue Ruling 2007-41 giving guidance to non-profit organizations, including churches, on interpreting the tax code’s prohibition on intervening in political campaigns. It gives 21 different examples of permitted and prohibited activities.

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