Immanuel UCC Scholarship

We encourage Members in Discernment who are Seminary students to apply for this Scholarship, and for renewal(s) if eligible!  The deadline for submitting applications (or renewal requests) is May 1st of the current year. Awards are granted during the summer so that funds can be disbursed at the beginning of the Fall seminary schedules.  A student is eligible for the scholarship for a maximum of three (3) Full Time years or equivalent (e.g. two to five Part Time years).

It was the desire of Immanuel United Church of Christ - Detroit, as it was disbanding, to award scholarships for seminary students preparing for Ordination and Service in the United Church of Christ.  Scholarship funds are available through an endowment fund provided by Immanuel United Church of Christ - Detroit by a resolution adopted at a Special Congregational Meeting held on November 14, 1999.  The fund will be disbursed in accordance with the policies and practices of the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ.  The Faith Formation Mission Area Team is currently responsible for selecting recipients.

To qualify an applicant must meet the following criteria:

·Be a member of a United Church of Christ congregation within the Michigan Conference
·Be listed as a Member in Discernment (formerly Student in Care) of one of the Associations of the Michigan Conference
·Be enrolled in an accredited theological seminary recognized by the United Church of Christ or regional educational program as recommended by their Association's Committee on Ministry
·Be committed to becoming an authorized minister in the United Church of Christ 
·Write a paper showing knowledge about and appreciation for the history of Immanuel United Church of Christ - Detroit

Preference in awarding scholarships will be given to students meeting the following criteria:

·Students with a tie to Immanuel United Church of Christ - Detroit
·Students enrolled in Chicago, United, or Eden Theological Seminaries
·Students willing to serve as an authorized minister within the Michigan Conference

A scholarship may be used for tuition, room, board, fees and books, with the amount awarded made payable directly to the seminary or approved regional educational program where the student is enrolled.  Depending on the amount available, more than one scholarship may be awarded each year -- to-date, we have awarded scholarships annually to multiple students. A scholarship recipient may request additional funds in a succeeding year.





Immanuel UCC Endowment Guidelines - updated January 2019


For further information and to request a copy of the Immanuel UCC, Detroit - History Booklet 
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