Michigan Conference United Church of Christ
December 2013


The Michigan Conference staff depends on the Associations, specifically Church & Ministry committees/teams, to keep our office records accurate and up to date.  Conference and Association records should document the complete history of a minister’s tenure in the Conference. 

Accurate records are essential for all of us in the Conference, especially when we are asked to provide information to another Conference or Association, or to the Pension Board.  In this day of email and electronic communication, it is especially important that a paper trail of records be kept in Conference and Association files.

Below is a list of the kinds of records Church & Ministry committees are responsible for maintaining.  Typically much of this record maintenance is assigned to the Registrar in each Association.  Please give copies of these documents to the Association Office as soon as you obtain or create them, so those files are kept as current as yours.  The Association Office will copy as appropriate for the Conference files.


Church & Ministry Committees should provide to the Association Office copies of the paperwork items listed below.   Responsibility for many of these items may be delegated to the Association Registrar. 

            - Call Agreements - Area Ministers and the Associate Conference Minister are responsible for seeing that a copy of every Call Agreement is provided to the Association Office for the files.  The AM/ACM may need to counsel call committees in case changes or adjustments are needed in the call agreement, and then must sign each agreement.

            - Minister Information Form

- Correspondence (print or email) - any official business, e.g. letters to church moderators when licenses are renewed, letters to church and sponsors of persons accepted in MID program (Members in Discernment, formerly called In Care)

            - Renewal notices sent to Licensed ministers

            - Transfer request forms

            - Certificates/ID cards for ordinations, installations, licensing, members in discernment, etc.  

- Rosters - The Church & Ministry Committee also is responsible for maintaining up-to-date rosters as indicated below, and notifying the Association Office of any changes as they occur.  Typically this is assigned to the Association Registrar.  See the Checklist for Association Clergy Updates for specific data needed.

            - List of churches holding standing in the Association

            - List of persons authorized for ministry in the Association (ordained, licensed, commissioned, and those   with dual standing or other ordained status)

-  List of Members in Discernment (MID) in the Association.


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