Parenthetical references to (MOM) are to the Manual on Ministry, which is available in print or at

(see MOM section 3 p. 42-45 Transfer of Standing)

Send a welcome letter, listing things the person needs to do in order to officially transfer standing, meet with the C & M team, and schedule the Installation service. Include a Minister Information Form. When it is returned, keep a copy and give a copy to the Association office.

Notify the Association office of the new minister's contact information as soon as you have it.

When you receive the Request for Transfer from the previous Association (the minister is responsible for asking the previous Association to send this), it should be approved at a Church & Ministry committee meeting. Then fill out the bottom portion and return it. Keep a copy of the entire form, and give a copy to the Association office for the files.

After the Association office receives a copy of the completed transfer, the Conference registrar will notify the national UCC office.


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