Parenthetical references to (MOM) are to the Manual on Ministry, which is available in print at

(see MOM section 3, p. 26-27)

Five weeks ahead:
Contact the candidate or C & M chair to obtain details needed for the invitation (6). You will need to know whether there will be a reception afterward, whether RSVP is requested, and whether clergy are invited to robe and wear red stoles.

Four weeks ahead:
Email the completed invitation to the Association office. The secretary will send it out to all Association churches, clergy, and committee members, and arrange for it to appear in the E-bulletin.
Determine how the person's name should appear on the ordination certificate (e.g full name or middle initial, etc.), and let the Association office know, for ordering the certificate.

Three weeks ahead:
The Association office will order the certicate and plaque, unless other arrangements are made. The CM/AM/ACM will sign and bring it to the ordination service. The Association office will make copies of the certificate for Association and Conference files. If the registrar prefers to order the certificate, the order form can be found online:

Fill out an "ordained minister" wallet ID card to be given to the candidate. Keep a copy, and give one ot the Association office for the files.

Notify the Association office of any changes in the person's contact information. If that office was not the sender of the invitation, make sure you report the ordination itself. The Conference registrar will notify the national UCC office.


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