For Christ's sake, equip the clergy and the churches of the Michigan Conference UCC for faithful leadership and effective ministries of spiritual discernment, prophetic integrity, compassionate generosity, and vital growth.


2017 Bertha Dayton Grants

Bertha Dayton Grants To establish a perpetual memorial for her beloved son, John C. Dayton, Berth [ ... ]

2017 Innovation Awards

Grand Haven, St. Paul’s UCC:   
Creating Communal Sanctuary        [ ... ]

Our Church's Wider Mission

Our Church's Wider Mission is the primary funding source from Local Churches to Conferences, the Nat [ ... ]

Human Resources 2016 Survey Results

The Michigan Conference Human Resources Committee conducted a survey in the fall of 2016; we receive [ ... ]


The Michigan Conference UCC is offering a unique opportunity to the first 10 churches to apply for C [ ... ]

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