Immanuel UCC Scholarship

Immanuel United Church of Christ - Detroit, as it was disbanding, decided to use their remaining funds to endow a scholarship for seminary students preparing for ordination and service in the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ. Each year, awards are made to multiple seminarians within our Conference. These awards are significant and can be a factor in making it financially possible for aspiring ministers to attend seminary. The Faith Formation Mission Area Team is responsible for selecting recipients and making the awards.  

Due to changes in the way that candidates for ministry are pursuing formation, and to the numbers pursuing formation, the focus of the Immanuel Scholarship has been broadened. Priority will still go to Members in Discernment within the Michigan Conference who are pursuing paths to ministry – whether through a seminary education or through alternative paths. The deadline for submitting applications (or renewal requests) for those scholarships is May 1st of the current year, extended to May 15th for 2020. Awards are granted during the summer so that funds can be disbursed at the beginning of the Fall seminary schedules. A student is eligible for the scholarship for a maximum of three (3) Full Time years or equivalent (e.g. four to six Part Time years).

As funds allow after June 1st, awards will also be available on a rolling basis for continuing education for authorized ministers in the Michigan Conference who are actively involved in conference, parish or specialized ministry. A separate application is available for these candidates.

Immanuel Scholarship Guidelines

Immanuel Scholarship MID Application

Immanuel Scholarship Continuing Education Application

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