Registrar – Overview of Responsibilities

  1. Keep the official listings of:
    1. churches of the Association that hold standing
    2. all persons authorized for ministry within the Association [including licensed and commissioned ministers, those with dual standing and other ordained status] 
    3. Members in Discernment (MID, formerly called In Care).
  2. Notify the Conference office of any changes in status, contact info, etc. as they occur.
    For clergy, see the Checklist for Association Clergy Updates for specific data needed.  For changes in the status of a church, send to  the Conference office: 
    1. a copy of a letter from the church, and
    2. a letter from the Registrar or a copy of the Church & Ministry minutes documenting the change
      For changes in contact information for a church, just an email or note to the Conference office is fine.
  3. Give a written report of all changes to the Committee for Church and Ministry, at their meetings. 
  4. Provide a written report of all status changes yearly, to the Association, at its annual meeting.
  5. Issue certificates of ordination, installation, licensing, and recognition, and ID cards as appropriate, and give a copy to the Conference office.  
  6. Sign, or secure signatures as needed, for all certificates and cards of clergy or MID standing.
  7. Issue request forms transferring the standing of clergy out to another Association of the United Church of Christ, and handle paperwork for transfers in to the Association from elsewhere.
  8. Provide certificates and ID cards to Members in Discernment (formerly called Students in Care) of the Association. 
  9. Provide notices to the Conference office to be emailed/mailed to all churches and clergy, inviting and encouraging them to attend ordination and installation services and to participate in ecclesiastical councils.  See sample invitations - Ordination   Installation
  10. Send letters welcoming new clergy, along with a Minister Information Form for them to fill out.
  11. Send a new certificate & wallet card to Licensed ministers after the license is issued/renewed.
  12. Ecclesiastical councils are official Association meetings at which attendees determine whether the candidate should be ordained.  They are called by the Association Council or Executive Team at the request of the C & M Committee.  The Registrar then issues the notice and agenda at least 21-30 days (per the by-laws) prior to the Ecclesiastical Council. 
  13. In some Associations the Registrar is responsible for sending the official notice and agenda of spring and fall Association meetings, at least 21-30 days before the meeting.  The Conference office will send these if given the information.
  14. The Registrar (or other designated person) checks in attendees at Association meetings (recording them as clergy, lay delegate, or visitor), receives fees as appropriate, keeps a record of churches represented, and declares a quorum at the beginning of each meeting.
  15. PLEASE SEND COPIES OF ALL FORMS, CERTIFICATES, AND OTHER DOCUMENTS TO THE CONFERENCE OFFICE FOR THE FILES.   Paperwork may be faxed, snailmailed, or scanned and emailed.  Most correspondence can be done by email and copied to the Conference and Association offices as needed. 

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