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View the Safe Start plan put together by a special task force through the Governor's office in Michigan for churches...

Important Messages from Rev. Phil Hart

Throughout this very different and challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rev. Phil Hart, Transitional...

Conference Zoom Recordings

Michigan Conference Zoom Recordings:  Meeting...

Immanuel Scholarship Broadened to Include Continuing Edcuation

Education Funding available Immanuel Scholarship Broadened to Include Continuing Education for Authorized...

COVID-19 Resources

Things to Consider Before Re-Opening Church Buildings Rev. Phil Hart has been asked to serve on the Governor’s...

Courageous Faith Summit - Lifetime Access!

a virtual gatheringof people of faithand moral conscience 10 days 40 dynamic...

Compensation Guidelines

First Approved, September 2012; updated annually.

Salary Grid

Michigan Conference UCC 2020 Clergy Salary Guidelines


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For Christ's sake, equip the clergy and the churches of the Michigan Conference UCC for faithful leadership and effective ministries of spiritual discernment, prophetic integrity, compassionate generosity, and vital growth.

'Into the Mystic' is the Rev. John C. Dorhauer's weekly podcast on UCC.org. The United Church of Christ General Minister and President is creating these weekly messages so that "the art and practice of spiritual reflection is modeled as a priority and not just a part time avocation."


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