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(517) 332-3511 Ext. 204 

The Conference Minister is responsible for the spiritual care of our clergy and 146 congregations. Since starting July 1, 2022, the Rev. Dr. Daniel has focused on encouraging, equipping and connecting our Michigan churches in Christ’s love and justice.  Lillian is based in Grand Rapids and travels most weekends to worship with folks in the Michigan Conference.  Contact to schedule an event.

Staff Person to: Vital Growth Mission Area Team
(517) 332-3511 Ext. 210

The Associate Conference Minister has a primary responsibility with the Vital Growth Mission Area Team: including church vitality and new church start efforts. She assists Local Churches in the Search and Call process and serves as a representative to Covenant Association, Eastern Association and United Northern Association Committees on Ministry and Executive committees. Cheryl works full time, with office hours during the week in East Lansing and traveling to local churches as needed.

(517) 853-0198

The Southwest Association Minister’s role is to serve in guidance and leadership of the 18 churches and Authorized Clergy of the Southwest Association. Her primary responsibilities are to work with the SWA Church and Ministry Committee and Council to build relationships between local churches and the wider church, and to serve them as a resource person and representative from the Michigan Conference UCC.

Calandra is the Senior Pastor at Zion United Church of Christ in Baroda, MI and she works part time for the Conference on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The Finance Director is responsible for the long-term financial health and growth of the Conference. They oversee accounting operations and investments, produce accurate reports on where money is going, and assist to improve or change current practices.

Karen has been acting as Interim Finance Director since 2021.  We are grateful for Karen’s hard work to maintain and keep the Conference on track with our budget and expenses.

(517) 332-3511 Ext. 204

The Conference Administrator and Registrar is the go to person for all things Michigan Conference.  Lisa assists the Conference Minister, and is who to contact if you would like to schedule a local church visit.  She also serves as Conference Registrar and assists all six Michigan Conference UCC Associations with administrative work in the UCC National Data Hub, Clergy Training Compliance, ordination/installation announcements, etc. She assists the Michigan Conference UCC Board of Directors, Mission Area Teams, and is a member of the Annual Meeting Planning Team.  She also works with outside sources on property management; both in-office and building concerns. Lisa is based in her home office in Cadillac MI.   She has been a full-time employee of the Michigan Conference UCC for over 25 years and enjoys working with our Churches, Clergy, and Lay Volunteers.

(517) 332-3511 Ext. 208

The Search and Call Coordinator receives ministerial profiles, sends requested information to search committees, lists pastoral vacancies with the national office and assists the Area Ministers in implementing the Search and Call process. Merrilyn has been based in the East Lansing office for 20 years.  She works 18.5 hours/week, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:30-4:00.

Staff Person to: Faith Formation Mission Area Team

Google Voice ‪(989) 607-1220‬

The Program Associate for Communication sends the Conference Newsletter, letters from the Conference Minister, and manages the Conference website and social media.  Program Associate for Resource collects and stores resources to be shared with churches and individuals to equip ministry.  Program Associate for Youth Ministry connects youth and youth leaders in the Michigan Conference by planning wider-church events and imagining new ways to be church.

Based in Midland, Jenn is a member-in-discernment who works part-time from her home office.  Jenn serves on the Annual Meeting Planning Team, Great Lakes Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Team, National Our Whole Lives Advisory Team, and serves on the Executive team of National Organization of Wider Church Youth Ministry.  She has helped to plan GLRYE 2018, NYE 2020, Youth@Synod 2021, and Youth@Synod 2023.

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