Parenthetical references to (MOM) are to the Manual on Ministry, which is available in print or at

(see MOM section 3, p. 22-23)

At least four weeks ahead:

Email to the Association office a written notice with details of the Ecclesiastical Council. Note that the text of the notices are different depending on whether they are for an ordination, commissioning, or privilege of call.

The Association office will send it to all Association churches, clergy, and committee members. If requested, the office also will prepare the ballots, agenda, and an information guide (see examples below) for the meeting.

An ecclesiastical council is an official Association meeting, so you will need to declare a quorum per Association bylaws. Use a sign-in sheet, and record attendees as clergy, lay delegates, or visitors. After the meeting, the sign-in sheet, ballots and minutes should be given to the Association office for the files.

Ecclesiastical Council: Ordination - A Guide

Ecclesiastical Council: Commissioning - A Guide

Ecclesiastical Council: Privilege of Call



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