Parenthetical references to (MOM) are to the Manual on Ministry, which is available in print or at

(see MOM section 7, especially step 18, p. 11 and 23)

The Registrar should keep track of license expirations coming up, and notify the Church & Ministry committee. The committee may ask you to do the following:

Two to three months before a minister's license expires:
Contact both the licensee and the church, reminding them that the church must send a request for the license to be renewed. The Church & Ministry team will have set a meeting time to talk with the licensee, so include that information.

Contact the licensee's mentor, inviting him/her to the meeting.

After the C & M team approves renewal of the license:
Communicate to the church moderator indicating the approval.

Fill out a new Certificate of Licensure and a new wallet ID, with the new dates of licensing. Keep a copy of both, and give a copy to the Association office.

Send a letter to the minister indicating the license was renewed, with a copy also to the church. Give or send him/her the new certificate and wallet ID.


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