The Prophetic Integrity Mission Area Team of the Michigan UCC conference would like to invite you to apply for a social justice and advocacy grant.  We have been most impressed with the innovative ideas and the concepts various churches have produced in past years.    We have attempted to grant financial assistance to programs and projects which have a connection to social justice action.  Again this year, the focus of the awards will be somewhat narrow.  The awards will be given out to the programs which are specifically focused on social justice.  We believe that social justice efforts bring about change not just for the individual, but also groups of people.


This phrase “social justice” might confuse some people, or frustrate others.  It is a phrase that can mean a variety of things.  Our belief is that social justice empowers people in their daily lives as well as bringing about better circumstances for communities.  We look for those action and advocacy projects that focus on systemic issues, and seek to promote the common good. 


The Prophetic Integrity Mission Area Team would like to address injustice from a broader perspective.  We would like to focus particularly on the efforts of people who are looking to change systems (political, educational, etc.).  It is our intention to fund proposals that best address systemic change within our communities and world.



PLEASE NOTE:  The deadline for applications is July 31st.  Grants will be awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Michigan Conference United Church of Christ on October 13-14. The guidelines and application are enclosed.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Please refrain from applying for multiple grants; if you choose to apply for the Social Justice and Advocacy Grant - please do not apply for the Innovation Awards. Thank you!

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