Apr 19, 2023

Every Sunday I preach at our Michigan churches, I meet people who tell me this is their first time back in person in years. When I ask why, I’m struck how often they say that my visit caused the church to have a special coffee hour, which in turn caused someone to ask them to bring cookies. They didn’t come because they needed to see the Conference Minister. They came because the church needed the cookies.

I do not think people return to in-person worship in order to eat treats, but they may well return in order to deliver them. It’s easier to receive a call asking you to bring brownies than it is to get one asking why you haven’t been coming to church. The first call is an invitation while the second can sound like an act of desperation, or at worst, an accusation.

“Where have you been? We’ve missed you,” sounds too much like “Where have you been? Shame on you.”  Read More

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