Dec 18, 2023

Church Yearbook Instructions 2024


This year the National Setting is offering several incentives for churches that submit both their annual Yearbook report and answer
the supplemental research questions.  (Supplemental research questions can be found on  pages 9-16 of the 2024 Church Yearbook Instructions)


Every church that responds to both will be entered into a random drawing for
several prizes.


If your church is selected we will send an email to the email address noted in the Data Hub.

Please be sure to respond to us if you receive an email.

The following prizes will be awarded:
• $100 UCC Resources Gift Card – 5 gift cards will be awarded
• One year free subscription to Access UCC (online Yearbook and Directory) – 10 subscriptions will be
• 2023 Yearbook and Directory – 10 books will be awarded
• Statistical Profile – 15 will be awarded






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